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DNA Mr Bubble Tea



Passionate pioneer

We are proud to present our unique products, representing the very essence of bottled Bubble Tea in Quebec, a concept that we designed and developed in 2018. As pioneers in the industry in Canada, our bottled Bubble Tea embody authenticity, quality and creativity. After two years dedicated to research and development, the first ready-to-drink Bubble Tea was launched in Quebec and entered the retail market in July 2020. Winner of the Dans l'œil de Mycélium competition in March 2021, this recognition of our innovation, our know-how and our commitment to excellence marked the beginning of an unparalleled refreshing experience. Each creation bears the signature of the company founder, with original recipes designed with passion to awaken your taste buds. At Mr Bubble Tea, we are committed to offering you much more than just a beverage. We invite you to immerse yourself in a unique experience where each sip tells a story of quality, originality and passion.

The founder


An entrepreneur with nearly twenty years of experience in the food industry, Louis-Germain Crête has had the opportunity to work as both a chef and a cooking teacher. As an ambitious creator, Louis-Germain seeks to explore the infinite universe of fusion bubbles and the vast possibilities of encapsulated food.

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